How You Can Deal With Emotional Triggers Of Asthma.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, May 5, 2010  
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On the eve of World Asthma Day 2010, which fell on 4th May 2010, it is best we took a vow to prevent asthma hospitalization, which forms the main theme of that day in this year.  Asthma is not a disease that is triggered by pollution, smells, odors and pollen, but your emotions too can cause havoc leading to severe asthma attacks. Yes believe me, the same laughter, which is good for our mental, physical and emotional health can trigger asthma attacks too. Asthmatics could have asthma attacks while facing any emotional moment like extreme happiness, unexpected shock, sorrow, disappointments and anger. 


So it is very important for asthmatics to understand the various emotional triggers that could lead to asthmatic attacks. This may vary from person to person and from circumstance to circumstance. Once a person with asthma understands the situations like anger, laughter, sorrow, shock or disappointment that trigger these attacks he or she can easily take steps to control the situation before it turns serious. So asthmatics having hysterical asthma should be aware of their psychological states.


Younger children are very prone to hysterical asthma, so the parents and family must recognize it and take steps to not only consider the medical and environmental aspects of treatment, but also look for cures in the emotional and behavioral aspects. It is right that asthma attacks are triggered and become noticeable when a child cries, yells, laughs, is excited or agitated. A pediatrician or psychiatrist could prove a great help in identifying these emotional triggers and help the child and the family to gain control over these severe asthmatic attacks. 


Hysterical asthmatic attacks may themselves not prove to be as dangerous as the triggers they create that induces feelings of fear, anxiety and fear of air hunger for further attacks. These triggers could themselves trigger another attack. This could worsen the situation and make asthmatics fear even normal or negligible emotional and bodily feelings.  Hence an asthmatic may neglect doing normal things that could promote his physical, mental and emotional health.


Prevention is better and safer than cure applies to asthma attacks too. It is best for asthmatics to accept their feelings, emotions and think out how they are going to face them. Pretence could take one nowhere. In addition remember that emotions can only trigger asthma attacks, but they are not always the cause of asthmatic attacks. Believe that it is your (family in case of child) duty to aim at being healthy and strong. This thought could easily foster good health and give you good control over your emotions. Yes, it is most important to  take to the practice of yoga and meditation. They are bound to give you control both over your breathing and emotions like fear, anger and stress.


The best solution to control lies in helping your friend or yourself to learn to relax and not be anxious and panic during attacks. In addition appropriate medications; relaxation and appropriate breathing should be enacted. Once a control is established over the attacks one will soon learn to manage ones emotions well. However serious cases may require the help of specialists.


To conclude, asthmatics do realize your emotional triggers of asthma attacks, learn not to repress feelings like frustration, anger, grief, anxiety or other happy emotions and strive to make good changes in your style of life. Do avoid emotional situations if you can and be an effective controller of your hysterical asthmatic attacks. Then we sure can fulfill theme of World Asthma Day 2010 to prevent asthma hospitalization.


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