How Mobility Prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, May 5, 2010  
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Are you stuck up in a job sitting for a long time in a particular posture or are you one who likes to sit for a long time watching TV or movies? Well you are in for a risk for a very serious condition, deep vein thrombosis. Mobility can improve and prevent such a disorder.


A person sitting in the same position for a long time can have problems like sensation of a twitching pain in the chest, which is accompanied by breathlessness, sweating and coughing out of blood. This indicates a serious condition of pulmonary embolism meaning that a blood clot has formed in the static area of calf muscles, which is blocking an artery in the lungs. Deep vein thrombosis is the name of the condition that could also lead to more serious consequences like stroke, blindness, kidney and lung disorders. 


Yes, you are perfectly right. You need to be mobile and change your sitting posture and leg posture from time to time to avoid a blood clot forming in the leg due to lack of blood circulation. The veins in the legs tend to act against the flow of blood in that area of the body leading to flowing of blood back to the heart. This blood stagnation leads to swelling and pain the calf, ankle and foot of the affected leg with slight to heavy discoloration.


Deep vein thrombosis affects computer workers, bedridden patients as well as long distance travelers like oversees travelers and long distance bus travelers. So it is very essential that even long distance travelers take time off to stand up, stretch or walk about from time to time. Even bedridden and stroke patients should be encouraged to move about a bit from time to time. It is true that deep vein thrombosis or DVT affects more than half the stroke patients and about 1 out of 20 die of the complications of DVT.


I suggest it would be best to avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT) than treat it. The first step to avoid this serious condition is to make oneself more mobile. It is best to shift positions and move ones arms and legs periodically. Even on long air flights it is best that one gets up at least once ion 2 or 3 hours and moves about by walking up and down the aircraft. It also helps if you exchange seats with your co-passenger, it will help both of you.


It also pays to visit the restroom periodically and also drink a lot of water to avoid the drying effects of air and dehydration. Dehydration could help in the clotting of the blood as it makes the blood thick. Stretching and elevating and swinging the legs and toes periodically would help. DVT pumps prove to be of a great help for feet movement of the bedridden people. Those who sit for long at their desk working could also use most of these methods. Compression boots prove to be a boon to inflate periodically and improve blood supply and clotting.


However if you are one of those who just thought all this exercise was not for you and got a clot or deep vein thrombosis it is time you cured it and then took all the precautions to avoid further clots. The clots should be minimized and avoided from breaking and going to other organs of the body. Your feet have to be elevated and the blood supply in your feet/foot has to be improved.  The need of blood thinners play a vital part in restoring blood supply and facilitating easy flow of blood in the body. Medicines taken for a lifetime and lifestyle changes can prove to be a curative and preventive measure.  


To conclude dear friends do treat immobility as a serious condition that can lead to deep vein thrombosis and just be up and doing. Do prevent this fatal disorder could avoid twitching pain, blood clot, blindness, kidney disorders and lung disease and save you a lifetime of medications.


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