How To Detect For Breast Cancer? Be Aware Of Improvements In Surgery

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Feb 22, 2010  
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Breast cancer, which affects many women in their prime age, can be detected at an early stage by self-examination of ones breasts. All women above the age of 35 can carry on self-examination of their breasts regularly at least once a week and help detect it at an early stage and save oneself of embarrassment and loss of self-esteem. In addition one need not fear loss of shape of ones breast or other cuts and nicks, as modern advances in surgery helps to maintain the shape of the breasts and their appearance also. 


One can easily carry on self-examination of the breasts while lying in bed and resting. Placing a pillow alternately under the left and right shoulder could help to elevate the position of the breasts and flatten it too.  The right hand can look for lumps in the breasts by placing ones the left hand under the head and then under the right armpit. Next the same procedure can be carried on in the right breast too by placing the right hand under the head and right armpit. This self-examination should be carried on at least once a week. In addition one can check for breast cancer by carrying on rotating motions on each breast with the flat pads of ones hand. The breasts can also be palpated by moving from the rim of the breasts towards the nipples and towards the armpits. Knots, lumps, thickenings and swellings in the breasts can be easily detected by this procedure.


In addition one of the other good methods to carry on self-examination for breast cancer could be when one is enjoying in the shower. One can easily detect lumps in ones breasts when one applies soap. While one examines one breast the hand on side of that breast should be above the head. If one is obese and has heavy and large breasts it is good to support each breast with the hand on that side while carrying on self-examination.  In a similar way the mirror in ones bathroom could help to check for swellings, dimplings, bulges, retractions, skin irritations, sores and changes in nipples color, texture and orientation. This self-examination can also be carried on with hands raised and resting on ones side and also by contracting chest muscles. Lumps found during self-examination could indicate tumors, which should be immediately checked to find out if they are malignant.


It is however best to carry on a professional examination at least once a year and get one satisfied. In case of malignant growths it is best to get a mastectomy or surgery to remove the cancer in the breasts done. However one need not fear that one will lose the shape and texture of ones breasts as modern advances in surgery help to maintain the shape of ones breasts without much cuts and nicks.  Every woman undergoing surgery can live a life of self-esteem.


The surgery in the post 70’s eliminates the need to remove the lymph nodes from a woman’s armpit and skin on the breasts. Also the chest had wounds that were covered with skin grafts from the buttock and other regions. In addition women would not have to undergo painful surgeries or suffer loss of self-esteem. However modern improvements in breast cancer surgery has made it possible to maintain the original look of the breasts.


Lumpectomy is an improvement in breast cancer surgery accompanied with a sentinel node biopsy has helped a lot of women to feel proud of the shape of their breasts. This improvement in modern surgery has led to saving most of the skin on the breast. The hollowing in the breasts is filled with body fat from stomach, buttocks and also other implants. In addition the nipples on the breasts are also saved. The incision is usually made around the areola edge and the contents of the infected breast are removed through the semi-circle opening made. It is very difficult for a layman to find out if a surgery has been done.



To conclude, the women of today can easily carry on self-examination to find out if they have been affected by breast cancer. An early diagnosis makes it easy to take advantage of the modern advances in breast cancer surgery that not only helps to save the shape of the breast but its texture too.


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