Ayurveda, the No 1 treatment for leukemia.

Posted by Vaidya on Mon, Feb 22, 2010  
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Ayurveda, the Indian indigenous and ancient health science is probably the only remedy where leukemia is cured with out side effect. There are Vaidyas (traditional Ayurveda practitioners) in Indian rural, though their numbers nowadays are very few, who are successfully doing this amazing healing. I am one among them.

When we use the word Cure for leukemia, it must mean much more than remission. Modern medical doctors are not using the word cure because the disease often relapses even in ideal cases of APML or AML with blast count less than 20 percent and age below 40. In Indian remedies such cases are sure success. It often takes less than 30 days to bring down the blast to 0 level, simultaneously building up the other blood counts and general health. The patient will have to continue the treatment for many more months with diet restrictions and under close observation so that the disease shall not relapse.

One may get abundance of excellent introduction and overview of the profound, ancient healing system in the net. These give the reader a chance to sense the working principles of Ayurveda, and see how Ayurveda can be adapted and integrated into life in a practical way, for today's health needs. Also many books are available - both ancient (palm leaf) literature now in printed form, and the new age interpretations. The word Ayurveda can be translated as the knowledge of life or more correctly as the knowledge of longevity. Ayurveda healing looks at the whole person the body, the mind, and the spirit and helps to develop an individual program to bring balance, good health and at least a taste of immortality.

There are still hidden secrets of Ayurveda which are seldom revealed in the net nor in any books, but kept for privileged private handling of masters in the linage of Guruparampara (disciple is learning sitting at the feet of teacher, for generations). When it comes leukemia or other difficult diseases there are still unique people successfully doing healing, while there are many thousands of Ayurveda main stream practitioners ( those who have formally studied the codified syllabus in the numerous Ayurveda colleges of the country) along the vast of the land. The one in the first category is known as Ayurveda Vaidya and the second, Ayurveda Doctor who are general practitioners.

Those who are not acquainted with the concept of enrichment of ayurveda formulations through intricate course of repeated refining, awakening of vital energy points - the marmas, for revitalizing sapta dhatus, and enlivening energy fields of chakras may find it difficult to comprehend amazing therapeutic success of  leukemia treatment. Comparing the methodology of treating in Vedavidhya with modern medicine practices and attempt to seek 'scientific' explanation as to how this healing system works could be a difficult task. This is entirely a different version of understanding, ancient seers developed through deep meditation, tapas and prana- njana - supreme intelligence.

As a Vaidya, I am glad to participate in study program of molecular biology or cancer genetics of universities of advanced nations to see scientifically how this healing reinstates normal cell functioning, even in diseases that do not respond to any treatment currently available. They can research if this healing stops trans-location of genetic matter in human chromosomes. They also can see how this therapy acts selectively, inducing cell death in only the malignant cells and not affecting neighboring healthy cells.

It is my sincere request to international scientific community to focus on what can be done to expand the current research environment so that practices that lie outside conventional science are appropriately addressed.


Vaidyan from Cochin, India




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