How safe are the cola cans?

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Tue, Feb 12, 2013  
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Are you at the cinema house? Are you out with friends? Planning to grab a can of coke or pepsi? No problem, go ahead and have one. But, how safe is the can that you are going to place on your mouth to take that gulp down the throat? Wondering what I am saying. Here it is.


Every can of soft drinks that you pick up from either the road side shops or be it movie counters or the big super markets in your city, each and every can puts you to the risk of being contracted with diseases including the dreaded leptospirosis.  Shocked!!!!!!!!


Yes, it’s true. Many researches have been done on these cans that are being marked all over the world. 98% of the report confirms that these cans are infected. How, is the next question? The answer is, these cans once manufactured are stored in storehouses in every city or town where it is then transported to various parts of the world. The storehouses from the manufacturers end and the retailers end are all infested with rodents. These tend to move around and on top of these stored cans. They contaminate these cans with urine or feces and as time goes by it dries.


The studies have taken out samples of dried urine and feces from every other can, stored in various storehouses from around the country. These when consumed by us leads to infection. We are not accustomed to the habit of washing the mouthpiece of the can or transferring the contents of the can to a clean cup or glass. Instead we place our mouth directly and consume not just the contents inside the can but also the dried urine and fecal matter of the rodents.


So wake up, be very cautious before you take the next gulp from that can. Wash the cans with clean water well before consuming and also try not to place the mouth directly over the can. Pass on this information and save your kith and kin from LEPTOSPIROSIS.


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