Donít Forget to Wrap the Shawl on your Face

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Wed, Feb 13, 2013  
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What was once considered tradition and culture has not far and by spread across all people in India. It’s using a shawl to cover the face when out on the roads. Every day we come across girls who use colorful dupatta’s or shawls to wrap their head and face and full hand gloves to cover up their hands till the shoulder while they are out traveling whether by own vehicle or by public transport or on foot, except while in a four-wheeler.


Why do they do it? Is the common question of every man out there. The answer is simple. Just to save their skin and hair from the dust and dirt caused by pollution while on the roads. It is good as it helps to safeguard the beauty of the skin. The pollution and the sunrays are so much unbearable these days that they tend to spoil the skin tone, texture and the color causing cell damage and tanning. To keep us protected from these is the basic need for every girl.


Gone are the days when men used to make fun of girls wearing all these on the streets, because off late even men have started using cloth masks and hand gloves to protect their skin. The reasons are the unbearable heat and dust. There is nothing wrong or to make fun off as it has become the need of the hour. It also protects the lungs as the cloth covers the nose also preventing large amount of vehicular dust and sand from entering the nose.


Some believe applying sunscreen is more than enough to save the skin from tanning. Believe me that it is never enough. It is highly recommended to cover the parts getting exposed to skin especially during the peak hours to protect skin damage, which on the long run can lead to skin cancer.


In case you forget to protect yourself from the sunrays and pollution, don’t forget to do a scrub and to clean the nasals once you reach home. A good scrub over the hands and foot including the face can help open up the blocked pores and remove the dead skin thereby promoting a healthy skin. Also, clean the eyes with running tap water as the dust and carbon in the air can damage the eyes too if not protected by sunglasses.


So go ahead, grab your shawl and gloves without fail before you step out of your house the next time.


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