How Pride Can Lead To Unhealthy Relationships.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, Apr 27, 2010  
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Nurturing good relationships forms the basis of good human life. One who has good relationship with others finds that he leads a happy and healthy life. Pride is won’t of good relationships and we find many proud people today nurturing unhealthy relationships. It has been appropriately said that pride brings disgrace with it and humility nurtures wisdom.


Pride cannot be set aside totally as wrong or right. It is good that one be proud of ones talents, beauty or ones knowledge. However being humble with self-confidence does not allow pride to rub hard on you. However arrogance coming about due to pride and low self-esteem is highly undesirable.  Pride that you know everything, can do everything and need no ones help is highly undesirable because there is no one but the Almighty who knows everything. Besides, this leads to deep wounds on others and breaking up of good viable relationships also.


Yes, it is right. A proud person dislikes pride in others and turns you out to be selfish who is just in ones own world. A proud person loses his healthy thought process and pride itself turns him to look down on people, being unable to empathize with others and makes you to turn abusive in relationships. No one would like to congratulate himself on unhealthy relationships and the other vices of pride like anger, greed, drunkenness, which encourage the devil in pride to multiply them.


It is true, pride leads to relationships that are unhealthy and full of friction because your arrogance of self. You will find it difficult discussing things clearly with others because you will only understand your viewpoint and think that it is the best. Besides your self-defense attitude of being exposed or thought wrong of will make you prone to not admit your faults. You will not be able to agree that you are at a fault or have hurt the other person. Yes, excess negative pride can make your friendships, your marriage, and any other relationship you value a very ugly situation. Pride will bring hurt, bitterness, destruction, and pain in them.


Pride in a close relationship like a marriage can make a person feel insecure, because he clearly knows his faults but is scared or apprehensive of exposing them. This leads to the breathing in of an unhealthy relationship where your partner accuses you of break of trust, negative and adulterous relationships and doubt whether you love and respect your partner. In addition, a selfish and self-centered person can only build uncommunicative and failing relationships.


Yes, as suggested it is best to give up negative pride and embrace humility and self-esteem. Constructive criticism does help us analyze ourselves and come out wise and more knowledgeable. You would be able to improve yourself. It is hard to apologize for the pride, however do believe me apology leads to release of pent up anger, frustration and ill feelings So dear friends for the sake of marriage, friendships, and other relationships it is necessary to examine yourself, ask for forgiveness and adopt the humble path where you will be and know where you are and will be untouched by neither praise, pride, disgrace or sorrow.


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