How Do Computer Professionals Avoid Health Problems.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, May 3, 2010  
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Today is a computer world, where about 90% of the working force uses the computer while working in offices and homes. Computers have definitely given us a lot of benefits, however it has also brought about various new health problems like headaches, eyestrain, back pains, wrist pains and muscle fatigue. Hence it is necessary we all take care of our health along with doing our jobs on the computer.



Yes, computer professionals spend a lot of time in front of the computer monitor and have to take care to see that they do not neglect their health and be prone to various health problems.  Many computer professionals working 24* 7 have to be very careful to avoid headaches, eyestrain, back pains, wrist pains and muscle fatigue. The improper use of keyboard makes us suffer from excess fatigue, soreness and cramps in the hands, arms shoulder and back, leading to neck stiffness and chronic problems tendonitis and carpel syndrome.


In addition, the radiation emitted by computers puts computer users at risks like facial dermatitis, epilepsy, miscarriages or any other birth defects. However one cannot abstain from using the computer, but can take adequate precautions so as to get all the benefits of computers with no side effects attached.


It is firstly very important that the workplace is designed in a way that minimizes fatigue and discomfort in the operation and working.  It should be with the intention of maximizing the computer professional’s efficiency. There should be comfort, efficiency and safety at work. 


It is best that the computer monitor is at eye level at least an arm’s distance away from the eye. The lighting system at work should be amicable with no glares on the computer screen.  In addition those having sight problems should go in for  progressive lens to reduce eyestrain and muscle strain. However, new and modern computer manufacturers are taking care to adhere to strict guidelines of acceptable level of electromagnetic radiation.


Do pay particular attention to the position of keyboards and use keyboards with built-in-wrist rests. Always keep your wrist straight while using the keyboard.  Good keyboard position helps in reducing arm and wrist tension. In addition avoid excess use of keyboard as it could cause problems of aches, and pains in fingers, thumb, hands, wrist and arms. The mouse or trackball’s position should allow you stretch out your wrist to easily use it. 


Yes, do adjust the brightness, contrast, positioning and height and width of image so as to avoid unnecessary awkward eye and neck movements. Acquire a sitting posture that is  appropriate especially if you have to work for longer hours to meet deadlines. Change your posture periodically and take short breaks. It is advisable that you make yourself comfortable with your keyboard, mouse and other items and also have enough leg space to stretch from time to time.


Take serious note of the exercise that doctors suggest- 20-20-20.  It is best that all computer professionals do this exercise regularly. After 20 minutes, you should look away from the computer and look at an object 20 feet away, to provide relief to your tired eyes. At the same time you should blink 20 times to lubricate your eyes as staring at the computer causes drying of eyes.  Subsequently just take 20 paces, which will stretch your muscles and improve blood circulation.

Beware of computer vision syndrome by avoiding staring at the computer too long.  It may take time for you to focus properly on objects far off initially, but it will sure help rest your eyes and help adjust to various visual and mental demands. The breaks at hourly intervals to walk about and stand up will help you flex your muscles, relax and perform better. Alternately doing some official paper work to break the monotony.


To conclude, I am sure all who work on computers would by following all these tips be able to look after themselves and agree to the outlook that computers are a boon to society and also avoid these ill effects to health.  .


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