How Bad is Sugar for You?

Posted by Sam John Xavier on Fri, Jan 12, 2018  
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These days in Chennai, we can see a rise in the number of standalone dessert places, called dessert bars and people also flock to them on a regular basis for the sweet craving any time of the day. I too end up longing for a dessert after a meal. After all dessert items are delicious, canít deny that though. But consumption is meant to be restricted to post-meal time and not any time we want a sweet treat. What are we actually doing to our body, by loading up on sugar? Sugar can be a troublesome component in our diet and can cause quite many complications in our body, read on to find out what sugar does to harm our body.

When we consume sugar, our brain is hit with a surge of a chemical called dopamine, which is described as a feel-good chemical; this chemical makes your brain get the feeling of pleasure and makes it really difficult to control your cravings for ice cream or any other dessert. A cookie or a candy can give you an energy burst, but it is short lived and not a healthy routine.

Too much of candy consumption can affect your dental health, your teeth will be affected, because the presence of bacteria which cause cavities, thrive on the sugar present in your mouth after you consume some sweet treat.

There are certain cases when sugar is consumed in excess, it could lead to serious health problems. Diabetes for one, can lead to dangerous heart diseases, strokes and heart attacks.

Another major outcome of consuming too much sugar is that you will gain weight. This is supported by many studies that show when a person takes more sugar added in beverages, they end up weighing more and there are instances when high sugar consumption can potentially lead to diseases caused by the metabolic syndrome such as type 2 diabetes and blood pressure.

It is quite difficult to let go of sugar, but then if we can bring in positive changes in health by reducing our intake it is worth making the effort to take less sugar and stay healthy. Letís try to make a conscious effort to cut down on our regular intake of sugar and keep ourselves healthy and fit.


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