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Ever wondered how a small leaf could do wonders for your health? A leaf that is considered as just an enhancing substance to your food can actually benefit you in a lot of ways. Many even throw them away as a waste while eating. There are even many who do not prefer to even add them in their cooking due to the dislike of the taste and flavour.


These curry leaves when taken on a daily basis either by cooking it along with the food or by eating them raw can do wonders to our body. The main health benefit of these leaves is weight reduction in turn it also helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood. One needs to chew about ten leaves everyday in the morning on empty stomach. This when done on a regular basis helps to reduce the fat level in the body.


Curry leaves aids in the digestion process. That is the reason people add curry leaves to every food being prepared. It also has proven to improve the eyesight. Apart from these many people use curry leaves paste as an application for the hair. Some even boil these leaves along with their hair oil as it helps in hair growth and also gives natural black shine to the hair.


If one finds it difficult to eat raw curry leaves, the same can be dried and powdered and the powered form can be used in foods or even as a mix to rice. Some even use it as side dish for idly’s and dosa’s along with few drops of refined oil to enhance its taste for consumption.


Whatever be the form, the health benefits are always positive form consuming these leaves. It’s a common plant that is found in every other household of South India. Every vegetable shop gives it free of cost at the end of purchasing other vegetables. So go ahead and start eating this green leaves to decreased the fat and increase the life.


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