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Posted by aruna75 on Thu, Oct 29, 2009  
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Education is an essential aspect of human life. The world believes that every child has the right to be educated. But, how is the education imparted is still a question. We often find children going to school carrying big loads of bags. It looks like these children bare the brunt of modern society and its pressures. In most places education is no longer an enjoyable part of life. The children are loaded with the school curriculum. They forget recreation, sports or any kind of other activities also. Parents also force their children to be book worms. School expects too much from the kids.


This 'intolerable pressure' puts the kids under fear, anxiety, pressure, inferiority complex etc. It does affect their health also. Performance in school academics brings peer pressure along with it. The child has to compete with other classmates who might be brighter than the child. An average or below average child does suffer. This brings in a 'deep sense of pessimism' about childhood.


Many children are put into school at the age of three. Once again, this is questionable. Early schooling also adds pressure to the child. Too many tests bring in a 'mental shutdown' and puts children off learning. Education has also become commercially driven.


What can be done to change the atmosphere of today's education set up? The rigid testing methods have to be changed. Efforts should be taken to lesson the fear of tests. Education curriculum must be according to the child's age and not according to society's pressure. Education system should be student oriented, wherein the child truly benefits from the education. Practical education is a must. Just theory would not give hundred percent results. The student must know to link his education to real life. Efforts should be taken to avoid commercialism of education and bring in rules where education touches the core of a students life.





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