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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Fri, Apr 27, 2012  
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Household chores, taking care of kids, work pressure and your partner’s work pressure, his offensive and interfering  mother, his huge bills leaves you with no time for yourself and for each other.

Frequent sex is related to more happiness in a relationship.  But the most obvious question that might come to your mind is does more 'sex lead to more happiness or more happiness in life leads to more sex'? Well I feel it works both ways.

After a tiring day when you are actually not ready to perform in bed you can ignite your sexual energy by watching soft porn or reading a romantic book. This will definitely work magic.  It’s time to be adventurous. It is not always the time, but general boredom with your own life kills the magical, mad and passionate love of married life for most long-term couples. You can try out some variation or di it in a new place. Do a little bit of reading on it. But again that does not mean you will be an expert in trying out all Kama Sutra positions. The goal of sex is not just intercourse but to create bonding.

Be a little innovative in your sex life. May be a bubble bath, a shower together or some fragrances and flowers on the bed sheet can do wonders to your sex life.

"After some time sex life does take a back seat in front of career and children. Couples do get tired and hence lazy and just want to crash after a hard day. So keep all lines of communication open. Divide the household work so that nobody is burdened with work in a relationship, " says psychologist Dr. Seema Hingorani.

Try doing some activity together that will give you some enjoyment and at the same time some time to spend with each other. Try going for a brisk walk together, try doing yoga together or may be going to the gym together will make you feel stronger as a couple. Doing yoga together especially the couple poses where you need to touch each other generates a lot of heat and at the same time helps to arouse the two of you.



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