Exercise for Aura Balancing and Strengthening

Posted by Enozia Makbul Vakil on Thu, Apr 26, 2012  
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Aura is the electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds each and every body-living or dead. The color, appearance, intensity and symmetry of the aura are known to indicate the overall health of the person.

A strong, radiant aura indicates an overall well-being of a person whereas asymmetrical, dull aura represents illness and mental disturbance. Often changes in the aura are seen even before the manifestation of a disease. Different colors also indicate different feelings and emotional states.

Gold aura represents dynamical spiritual energy, red is the color of life-promoting energy and strong state of mind, purple is symbolic of warmth and transmutation and so on.

Since the aura is closest to the physical body, the state of the body has a considerable impact on the auric field and vice versa. It is the storehouse of positive and negative energies and tends to pick up bits of different energies from different people-positive or negative. This explains why we feel drained off after being in a crowded place such as a bus or a train.

Hence to prevent the aura from being drained, meditation and other relaxation exercises can be performed. Following are some exercises that help to clear negativity from the aura and restore balance.

Exercise 1: This exercise prevents the external negativity from entering or getting stuck in your aura. Sit in a comfortable position and cross your feet at the ankles. Close you eyes, take deep, calming breaths. Touch the thumb of the right hand with the thumb of the left and and the index finger of the right hand with that of the left. This position completes the circuit and prevents the external negative forces from having any impact on you. You can use this technique in a crowded place or with people who buzz with negativity to keep yourself from getting drained.

Exercise 2: Also known as the cleansing vortex, this technique is a great visualization exercise that cleanses your aura. Sit and relax in a comfortable posture, preferably on a chair. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for about 5-10 minutes. Visualize a huge tornado of white, spiritual fire about 20 feet above your head. Imagine it slowly enveloping your body and see the bits of negative energy getting burned away with the spiritual fire in your ‘mind’s eye’. Slowly see it cleansing you of all the bits of negativity and moving down into the earth through your feet.

Trivia: Silver twinkles when observed in the aura of a woman may indicate chances of pregnancy. Children are more sensitive to observing the aura than adults are.


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