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I am Dr.S.S.SUJATHA.I have completed my BDS from HYDERABAD in 201O and shifted to chennai in 2011 and got married and settled in chennai. As i am interEsted in writing,i thought i would give a try with writing blogs.hence ,to start with i have written a topic related to my profession i.e. dentistry.anyways ,i would like to write more health related topics in the future.Hope you will will enjoy my writings AND HAVE A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AFTER READING THEM.:):):)
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As a human, all of us would definitely like eating, and even more, if it is eating sweets, junk food there would be no second thoughts as each one of us likes to have sweets, chocolates, soft drinks,...Read More
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Cancer Not Such a Killer as Shown in Our Movies

As a kid, I remember  watching movies which shows the guy coming over to the girl he loves more than the world and telling her to forget  and leave him and get married to somebody else beca...Read More
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In Today’s fast world filled with competition . ‘STRESS’ has become a buzz word”.   WHAT IS STRESS? By definition, Stress is the body's reaction to a chan...Read More
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