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These days people of all ages experience sleep deficiency.Becoming a sleeping pill addict is dangerous. It is high time we try something natural and healthy.Here is how you become a good sleeper by making small changes in your diet.


Warm milk works wonders. Research has confirmed that milk with a granola bar,oat meal or toast is all the more effective.

Minerals and the calcium rich milk are known to have a relaxing effect.


The potassium content in bananas relax your muscles. Bananas are loaded with Vitamin MB6 and increase your body's melatonin levels and cures chronic insomnia.


The glucose rich honey signals your brain to shut off orexin a chemical that triggers alertness.Just a tablespoon of honey is enough for a good nights sleep.


Almonds are rich in magnesium ,promote sleep and relax the muscles. The protein content in almonds help maintain a stable sugar level while one is asleep by switching to the rest and relax cycle from an alert adrenaline cycle.


Tryptophan an amino acid that is a parent to serotonin, is then converted to melatonin is found in whole grains. Whole grain crackers before bedtime may help to promote sleep.  Be sure to stay away from sweets.



Scientists in Italy have found out that grapes the juicy fruit might be packed with melatonin, the sleep hormone.Cherries also contain large amount of melatonin.

It is important to follow regular meal times and sleep schedules.Don't over eat or eat too little before going to bed. Consult your doctor before following any natural remedy and if you lack sleep on a regular basis.


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