4 foods to skip and 4 best foods to eat before bed-time

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Skip the refined white rice. Go for brown rice or whole grains. A 17% higher risk of diabetes is associated with eating 5 or more servings of rice per week, compared with eating white rice less than once a month.


When companies take out the fat,they have to add some thing back to make peanut butter taste delicious.In this case, it's extra sugar! Who wants that?Instead,spread regular,natural peanut butter on your sandwich for more of the good fats adn protein without fake sweetness.


Stick to a cup of coffee for your afternoon boost. Seemingly harmless caffeinated beverages are often loaded with sugar. Some brands it is reported that they may lead to possible heart attacks,convulsion adn even death.


Avoid cured meats in any form. They are linked to cancer,heart disease,high blood pressure and migraines. Plus, they are packed with artery clogging grease.Upto 50% of ham and pork sausages may be fat.

The 4 BEST Foods To Eat Before Bed

for those looking to lose weight, eating before bed is a big-time “no no”

The fact is that there are certain foods that you can eat as a late-night snack  and still lose weight.

Here’s a good thumb rule : Eat slow-digesting, high-quality protein but avoid carbs.

Here are FOUR top pre-bedtime choices:

1. White Meat Protein (no, NO TO red meat) – White meat animal protein sources such as chicken and turkey are not only slow digesting but have a low insulin release and are a great pre-bed meal choices.

An added advantage is that these sources also promote the release of another hormone, glucagon, that helps the body with breaking down stored carbs and fat within your body to be used up for energy… a double win indeed!

Red meat is a strict "NO, NO" as it has a significantly higher insulin release ,so avoid red meat before bed time.

2. Cottage Cheese – Cottage cheese is not only slow digesting but also coats the stomach to be assimilated by the body over many hours. As a protein, it stimulates glucagon release; a perfect pre-bedtime choice. Use only plain cottage cheese.

3. Green Vegetables – They contain virtually no calories, are high in fiber, and filling. When you get a late night craving, eat a big bowl of green veggies and it completely kills your craving… a diet savior!

4. Bananas
Tryptophan is that amino acid that is related to good sleep. It converts to serotonin and melatonin, the brain’s natural relaxation chemicals.  Fruits like bananas, typically have more tryptophan in them and induces sleep.

Besides these foods, nuts, seeds, honey and eggs also have tryptophan and it is good to have them before bed time.

Beauty sleep expert Freedman says ,

Half of a banana with a handful of your favorite nuts is a great mix. “You’re getting tryptophan and carbs,”.



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