You Need Sleep To Not Suffer Like I Did

Posted by Krishna Bora on Sun, Aug 11, 2013  
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There is a trend amongst people about sleep; they sleep late at nights and wake up early in the morning. The next they, they are as dead and slow as zombies. I have been in such situation a lot of times. In fact, I used to boast in front of my friends that “Oh! I sleep so less and these classes are so boring. You have no idea about the efforts I have put to keep my eyes open.” But recently, something happened recently, which is forcing me to write this blog to you. I am going to share many other side-effects of not sleeping at least six to seven hours at night, and I am telling you all these out of my own observation.


* Sleep and accidents: Studies show that drowsiness can slow our reaction time as much as driving and drunk. It causes accidents and injuries on the job. Since your reaction time is slowed down, you become slow, inactive, and my advice to you is that better restrain yourself from driving if you’ve had sleepless night before. 


* Sleeplessness makes you dumb: Sleep plays a major role in learning. Lack of sleep harms our cognitive processes in many ways. It impairs your attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, problem solving, memory, and patience. You can never remember well what was told in the class or in the meeting, and you can never stand any irritation or annoying friend in your office.  


* Sleep and Health Problems: Forget all those, big time health disorders that people keep telling. I am telling you the short term, but very sickening health issues if you don’t sleep well. Headache, hair fall, straining of your eyes, and acne are just a few of them. And then arrive the serious diseases like heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and diabetes.


Once you fall in this habit of not sleeping at nights, you might also start having irregular sleep patterns and trouble staying asleep.


* Sleeplessness is depressing: Over a time, sleep disorders can cause depression, anxiety, and melancholy. In a study conducted in 2007, out of 10,000 people, those with insomnia were five times higher chances to develop depression as those without. In fact, insomnia is often seen as one of the first symptoms behind anxiety and depression.


* Lack of Sleep Ages Your Skin: I have witnessed it; I swear my skin looks aged and full of spots when I don’t sleep well for three nights. Most people, like me, have experienced sallowness in their skin and puffy eyes after few sleepless nights. Chronic sleep can lead to fine lines and dark circles under your eyes. Isn’t it why sleep too is important for your beauty!

No Sleep Makes You Forgetful: Just eating almonds and dairy is not enough for keeping your mind sharp, but sleep, too, is very important. In a study in 2009, American and French researchers together determined that brain events called “sharp wave ripples” are responsible for consolidating our memory. The ripples are also responsible to transfer learned information from the hippocampus to the neocortex of our brain, where long-term memories are stored. Sharp wave ripples are proved to occur mostly during the deepest levels of sleep.


No Sleep Can Make You Gain Weight: Yes! Finally we reached to the reason that I am so considerate about my sleep now onwards, I GAINED WEIGHT BY NOT SLEEPING AT NIGHTS!! I thought that I am waking up at nights to study, read, watch movies, and chat with friends; I am definitely going to lose some weight. It worked, just the other way round. Lack of sleep is related to obesity. According to a study in 2004, people who sleep less than six hours a day had almost 30 percent more chances to become obese compared to those who slept seven to nine hours.


Hence, these were the creepy cons of not sleeping well; what an irony, I am writing this blog in the middle of the night. If you find any mistakes in this blog, I am just trying to affirm thatb how important sleep is for us. Anyways, my dear friends have a good sleep tonight, because you never know when you discover the side-effects of not sleeping at nights, like I did. Have a good night tonight.


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