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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sun, Jun 17, 2012  
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I remember when I was a student I used to suffer from this exam fear. The pin drop silence in the examination hall, the blank answer sheet with a question paper which appeared all Greek to you. The fear of not being able to answer any question, the bell ringing ad the paper being snatched way. But with age and experience I have realized that life does not come to an end with examination and the more you panic it will be bad for your performance.


It is a very common thing to get worked up in the examination hall and we generally tend to blank out suddenly. When your child faces such situation tell him to take it easy and take short break and do deep breathing exercises. Before the examinations in order to build his self confidence teach him tell himself repeatedly, ‘I will do well’. Advice her to leave some blank place at the end of each answer that as he proceeds with the paper and remembers those particular answers he can fill up the blanks.


If a child panics he will lose his capacity for logical thinking. So he should make a conscious effort of remaining composed and to keep reading the question carefully again and again till he can actually make out the true meaning of it. Teach him from a young age the difference between define, describe and evaluate.


Remember time management is the key to good results. Spend more time on those questions which carry more marks. He should answer those questions first that he knows best. In order to do the time management well you should train your kids much before the exam and give mock examinations which has to be finished within a certain time. Then only can one be confident during the time of he exam.


One should give his exams in his best possible hand writing because that creates the first impression. So keep your answer sheet presentable. Stay focused and the moment you finish answering one question just tick them off. Don’t go for an examination empty stomach because physical discomfort can lead to lack of concentration. Empty stomach may lead to a fall in the blood pressure and glucose level which in turn can cause low performance. So be very careful and you will pass your exam with flying colours.


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