Why You Should Have Regular Medical Checkups For Good Health.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Fri, Jun 18, 2010  
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There is a general feeling among most of us that there is no need to have medical tests or checkups done unless we have particular symptoms that indicate that we have a medical problem. There are many who think just having a medical checkup without any specific reason can bring to light certain health problems like high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure that could make us feel sick overnight. However you should have regular health and medical checkups done to promote good health,


Yes, you are right one of the most valuable tools to maintaining good health is having regular health checkups. Let us all face up to the fact that what has to be endured has to be endured sooner or later. It is anytime better to face up to facts today than postpone it to a later date. You can avoid the stress of waiting and also prevent or nip certain diseases at the bud. You would be emotionally and psychologically better off knowing you have a problem now and do appropriate tests and treat it rather than repent and cry later.


Regular health and medical checkups help to detect or prevent diseases at the bud. Detecting diseases and disorders at the early level can save precious lives. It is best for people below the age of 40 to have medical and health checkups done once every 2 years, while those older should have an annual medical checkup. Your age, health and family history, lifestyle choices like whether you are active or sedentary, whether you smoke or drink, whether you eat more of fats or sugar and certain other important factors influence how often and what medical and health checkups you need.


So it is time for you to campaign and convince your community; workplace, faith, school, club to make an appointment for a health and medical checkup today. Health authorities do have special discount on health and medical checkup packages on special occasions like Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day, Cancer Day and Father’s Day. In addition it would be wonderful to gift your mother, father, spouse or sister such a package. Yes, it is time to talk to your family doctor regarding all the health and medical checkups you need to protect your right to live a full and healthy life. 


A health checkup would include a discussion with your medical practitioner about your family medical history besides important aspects as exercise, medications you are already taking, whether you drink or smoke and your normal health condition. All these details may be important to judge the risk factors for various diseases besides the tests the doctor should prescribe. Next the doctor may do a physical examination after which he will tell you about your risk factors and the detailed lab tests to be done depending on your risk factors.


A high or low blood pressure detected during a medical or health checkup indicates higher risks for heart diseases and strokes or more attention being paid to improve overall health. Likewise sugar, blood and protein found in urine could indicate early diabetic symptoms, kidney and bladder problem, hepatitis and other infection.  Similarly various blood test readings like high blood cholesterol level are an important early indicator of complicated diseases like coronary artery disease.


Yes abnormalities of chest X-rays could be useful in diagnosing lung abnormalities as tuberculosis, emphysema or lung cancer early so as to be successful in treating it. In addition ECG or EKG can prove useful in detecting abnormal heart rhythm an important pointer to potential problems like heart attack, high potassium and irregular heartbeat.


Women above the age of 40 should have a mammogram and pap smear test done annually to detect pelvic, cervical and breast cancer. Besides a bone density test would be able to help detect osteoporosis at an early stage. Besides men would be treated in time for cancers like prostate cancer by having a prostate specific antigen test done regularly. Similarly a fecal occult blood test could trace colorectal cancer in the early stages as a colonoscopy can lead to early detection of colon cancer.


To conclude dear friends I am sure you all must be convinced by my campaign that it is best to have regular medical and health checkups done to not only enjoy good health but to also detect the disease or disorder in the early stage and treat it.


May You All Enjoy A Good Healthy Quality Life By Scheduling Your Medical And Health Checkup Days Today.


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