A Self Help Guide To Positive Self Esteem.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, Jun 15, 2010  
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Do you feel quite often that you are lower than others in looks, habits and talents and feel that people look down upon you always? Remember you are not alone; you are the one in many who lacks positive self-esteem. It is a sure indication that you need to improve your self-esteem; the way you look at yourself. 


The first step to help you to positive self-esteem lies in substituting positive thoughts for negative thoughts. Negative thoughts given by our own self and others around us tend to lower the positive outlook we have about ourselves. Become aware of these negative thoughts and substitute it by positive thoughts.  Taking a small notepad and writing all the positive qualities could help you do it.


Exercise, good health and physical fitness play a very vital role in promoting wellness and building and maintaining positive self-esteem and thoughts. Building a good exercise routine helps you feel energetic and mental exercises like meditation and visualization helps to boost your self-esteem. A healthy daily diet with plenty of water and fruits and vegetables helps you have positive thoughts about yourself.


It is normal for you to get negative thoughts in the start of your exercise to positive self-esteem. Your good friends and well-wishers could play a part by boosting up your positive aspects. It is best to also learn to relax and take out any ill feelings if any by having a good cry. In addition, bring about changes in your life by being a positive thinker by enforcing positive self-affirmations and bringing positive reinforcements into your life.


The next step to a positive self-esteem lies in doing what you feel real good doing. Yes, you need to allot that time to be with your special friend, to hear your favorite music, play a musical instrument, make that good special recipe or do gardening.  You also need time to make you feel worthwhile of your special gifts and talents. Besides you need to dress up in the clothes, colors and styles you like best and feel good.


Make your living space a masterpiece of whom you are; make it comfortable and attractive and display showpieces and trophies that remind you of your achievements and special moments of life. Yes, inexpensive but creative showpieces can make you feel good and positive in thoughts.


Just allot about 10 minutes daily and note down on a piece of paper everything you feel positive about yourself; special attributes, talents, and achievements. Avoid making any negative statements and words.  You may feel new and different thinking positive of yourself. Ultimately these feelings may diminish as you read the paper several times. . Those feelings will diminish as your reread this paper. Reading it to a good friend or supportive family member could help them make you feel good.  


Learning special skills or improving existing ones could help promote positive self-esteem. In addition, do not just set targets and think of things to do but just spring into action; whether it be going on a new diet, beginning a new exercise routine or making changes in your life or living space. Action helps you feel good and capable of yourself.


Do someone a good deed or do charity to feel motivated to maintain a good self-esteem. Smile make someone happy, say thank you to a showroom cashier or attendant or send a message to your mother telling her how special she is or cook a special dinner for her. Go visit a sick relative or friend and talk and joke with him or her. You could also volunteer to help at an orphanage or old age home if you have time.


Pamper yourself and treat your family and you to that candlelight dinner with just soft music. Abstain from seeing the television and arrange flowers in an attractive vase. Make sure to arrange the food in an attractive and appetizing fashion and encourage good pleasant talk abstaining from negative subjects. You sure are going to experience positive self-esteem.


To conclude, you can sure follow the self-help guide to positive self-esteem by affirming yourself, exercising, substituting positive for negative thought, improving the way you feel about yourself, and pampering yourself to feel good.  



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