Why Some Marriages Fail

Posted by aruna75 on Fri, Nov 6, 2009  
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'Marriages are made in heaven'. This is a common phrase that we have heard. But why is it destroyed on this earth. Most of our marriages are celebrated with pomp and show. Lakhs of money is spent for a marriage. Do all couples live a happy married life?


There are certain reasons why husband and wife do not live a happy life.

i. Respecting one another's views is very important. Rational judgment is advisable. Underestimating the other person's views brings trouble in the family.

ii. Time is an important factor that plays a vital role in any marriage. We would have heard many couples saying that they do not have enough time to spend with each other. Work, responsibilities, travel etc eats their time. The wife or the husband comes home tired and talking with the spouse seems to be an impossible matter. Intimacy between couples is possible only through mutual sharing of thoughts.

iii. Enough money should be available in the family, to avoid unnecessary problems. Husbands are meant to be providers. So, they must see to it that the needs of the family are met. Unwanted spending could be avoided and saving money should be a habit in the family.

iv. Faithfulness is the core to any relationship. When it comes to a husband and wife relationship, faithfulness to the spouse is of 'utmost' importance. Mutual trust and faithfulness would strengthen the marriage. Many marriages are broken today due to unfaithfulness. It brings a divide among the couple, which can never be bridged many times.

v. Understanding the partner would bring success in any marriage. When there is a proper understanding, the couples are ready to forgive mistakes and patch up the relationship. The husband should understand the importance of the wife and vice versa. Otherwise, every small issue would start a storm at home.

vi. Small things bring big happiness in the marriage relationship. Special occasions should be times where spouses share gifts, go out for a picnic etc., which would strength their ties. There are couples who would have not given even a small gift for their partner. Love, joy and happiness multiply when it is shared. Otherwise marriage life would appear simply empty. Take time share love, time, joy etc with your spouse.


Marriage is beautiful garden where love is the fountain. Give love, it will come back to you.


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