Preventing Children From Diarrhea

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Diarrhea is a gastrointestinal disease and second greatest killer of children. Diarrhea kills more children than AIDS, measles and malaria combined. Diarrhea is common among children under five years of age. 


Diarrhea is caused mainly by contaminated water or food. Sometimes direct contact with person suffering from diarrhea can also cause diarrhea. Contact with germs or bacteria that is on the floor, walls, toys, furniture, hands, etc could also cause diarrhea. Not every child is prone to deadly diarrhea. Lack of breast feeding, poor food hygiene, bottle feeding, malnourishment and some infections could cause diarrhea.


Since diarrhea is a deadly disease, utmost care should be taken to prevent it.

i. Breastfeeding the baby is essential at least for the first six months.

ii. Babies below six months of age should be vaccinated against rotavirus.

iii. Boiling water is very important. Fruits and vegetables should be washed well before eating. Foods sold under unhygienic conditions should be avoided.

iv. Children should be taught to wash hands with soap before eating. They dirty their hands by playing. So, washing hands is a must. When pets are at home, everyone at home should wash hands frequently. While traveling cleanliness has to be maintained.

v. Mothers should wash hands every time they change baby's diapers. Hand washing is essential before preparing food for baby and serving food for children.


Small things make a big difference in our lives. So, small habits can protect children from the fatal diarrhea.


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