Why Should Youth Donate Blood Regularly

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Jun 14, 2010  
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On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day 2010; June 14th 2010 it would be appropriate to discuss why it is important for youth to donate blood regularly. The theme of this year’s World Blood Donor Day is “ New Blood For The World” which aims at encouraging the youth to donate blood to save the lives of those who need blood to make a difference between life and death.


Yes, there is a need to donate blood to be useful to those who need blood in critical situations like a surgery, childbirth, accident besides regular blood transfusion required for situations like thalassemia, sickle cell disease, cancer and hemophilia. Besides these factors there could be various other factors that could motivate the young to donate blood. It is right to say that blood donations help people in need from an infant stage to an elderly person and caters to people from all walks, caste, ethnic and ages of life.


Blood donation is a noble mission to help people in need of something that could make such a great difference as life and death. You, as a youngster would have helped a person in need and will get a great feeling of satisfaction and well being. It would contribute to a boost of your self-esteem when you think you had something valuable to give others; a feeling of possession.


Donating blood helps you to help save the world of deaths that take place due to dearth of good quality blood. It is true that hospitals are constantly in need for blood and do face contingencies due to shortage of blood in critical and unexpected contingencies like accidents and natural calamities. I am sure the youth of today would feel great if they donated blood every 2 months and helped save grave situations.


I am sure the youth of today do care about their family and loved ones. If you donate blood that has benefited strangers they are sure to help you and your near and dear ones when you need blood. You would also have a good network of blood donors who donate blood regularly. Yes, you will sure be a part of the generous caring group, which forms a special segment of the society.


It is to be remembered that blood donation does not harm but causes health benefits to the person donating blood. Iron is good and makes for normal functioning of the body. But excess of iron can lead to an increase in free radicals that could cause cellular changes and be the cause of diseases like cancer and heart disease. Regular blood donations helps to decrease iron in the body leading to decrease of free radicals and health benefits to the person donating blood.


In addition, research has proved that blood donation helps to decrease the incidence of heart disease. This has been particularly found true in the case of men who donate blood. In addition one is tested for blood pressure, diabetes, communicable diseases, glucose pulse and hemoglobin while donating blood. So many diseases are found out in the early stages and effective cures can be done. Hence every blood donation is a day for health checkup to make sure you are in good state.


Last but most important is the joy and satisfaction to having done something great. Yes, people who feel low about them or need a psychological boost would do good to donate blood and have a feeling that they have done something good and noble. Yes, let us all take a vow on World Blood Donor Day 2010 with a yearly theme of “New Blood For The World” to donate blood; it benefits the donor and receiver of blood and gives us all an elated feeling of donating and saving more lives on Earth.


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