When your Laughter becomes a Pain for others

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, Mar 28, 2011  
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Laughter is good and we are well versed with its benefits. Humor bonds people together. But sometimes humor can bring a smile to one person’s face, but at the same time can cause pain to another.


Laughter is healthy as long as it does not damage any one. We all have, at some point of time, laughed at tasteless jokes that lack sensitivity to other’s feelings. Negative humor will ridicule things you are born with- poor eyesight the extra pound that you are trying to lose, your gender or even your religion. True happiness can we achieved only when every one is laughing together, instead of laughing at another. One needs to be careful with his or her joke. Cynical laughter can cause such extremes is not worth the few smiles it brings.


“There is some insecure people in this world who loves to laugh at others and get sadistic pleasure out of it. The truth is these people are insecure themselves. Putting others down gives them a feeling of importance and that they will make a place for them selves in the circle that they are sitting in. This kind of laughter can damage the sentiments of some people. But now that you know this particular set of people, feel sorry for them,” says psychologist Seema Hingorani.


Swati Roy, a home maker says, “15 years have passed, but I remember it like it was yesterday. As a newlywed a surprise visit to my husband’s office led to overhearing a conversation from my husband’s co-workers. They said that what quality my husband found in me that he married me. They were also making fun of my diction. For years those five minutes of cruel laughter rings in my ear.”


Everyone loves a good laugh, it eases burden and makes one feel carefree. As long as this humor is not causing harm to others it can be appreciated. But if you laugh and make fun of other’s sentiments it only reflects your character and upbringing.


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