Change- The Inevitable

Posted by Seema Nigar Alvi on Mon, Mar 28, 2011  
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Sometimes on careful thinking I realize that one of the most acceptable universal truths is change. Undoubtedly, the most permanent, stable and lasting thing around us is change.

Change is the inevitable law of nature. There is practically nothing permanent as change. On analysis we find, that it is one thing which is common to all other aspects of life and existence as a whole. The crust of the earth, the oceans, and the never-ending sky above us are undergoing a continuous unstoppable process of change.

The ebb and flow of tides, the rotation and revolution of the earth are positive evidences of the perpetual and uninterrupted change occurring in nature.

We, humans are born, mature, decay and finally die. Every minute and every hour cellular changes are going on in our bodies. Changes may be slow and silent or may be swift and staggering But undoubtedly they are always incessant, inexhaustible and all- pervading.

It is change which is responsible not only for our black hair turning grey and white but it is also evident in our ideas and thoughts, feeling and sentiments, according to the surrounding environment and circumstances.

An important question arises-what is fixed and what is in a state of flux? The obvious answer would be that there is practically nothing fixed or stable everything is in a state of flux or change.

Certain old conventions, traditions and social systems are thrown into the darkness of oblivion with the course of time. New improvised laws and traditions have replaced the old ones. Change may be good or bad. If some sort of discontent is responsible for the rise of a desire or need for change then it has the tendency to run to excess. It induces a person for seeking change, merely for the sake of change. Whether good or bad, change is an integral part of life. Nothing in this world is permanent, nothing is never-ending and nothing lasts forever. We have to be receptive to change in order to proceed successfully and dynamically in life. It is entirely up to us to be choosey and selective in picking the constructive changes and shun the destructive ones. Life is a cyclical process and change its vital constituent.



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