What you eat is as important as when you eat it

Posted by Sneha Rai on Sat, Dec 8, 2012  
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In today's fast paced life one would hardly give priority to having timely meals,however some school of thought suggest that this can have significant impact on our digestive system, blood ph, metabolism and assimilation.

Biological time keeping is the core of life for all living organisms and can affect functioning of various bodily systems. Study of these biorythms is termed as chronobiotic nutrition or eating as per timing. Body temperature,heart rate, blood pressure, release of hormones, alertness, energy, mood, weight gain are all affected by our body's rythmic clock.

In fact food allergies could also be attributed to eating specific foods certain times of the day.

Chronobiotic nutrition is  about eating foods at precise time of the day for specific health results. When this system of eating is followed, benefits are optimum digestion, nutritional efficiency, high level of wellness and overall health.

Without synchronization of all the physiological processes in the body, nutrient are locked up and they need protocols based on time specific traffic laws of nutrient flow, absorption and assimiltaion.

Each human organ has a timing relationship in its function. for example , the peak perios for lungs is 3:00-5:00 a:m and this is often the time of death from lung ailments e.g pneumonia, tuberculosis or emphysema

This connection between human biorythms and the enviornment is fascinating and often neglected. Imagine, life would be ailment free if we stick to the discipline of our body's clock and listen to its needs and demands.

Clinical trails on mice has also revealed that simply changing the time of the day at which a drug was given to a  leukemic mice , increased their survival rate to three fold. This further confirms the belief that there lies a strong connection between food timing and the bosy's response to it.

From slimming perspective, day time is identified as catabolic phase when most of our fat and waste elimination takes place and night time as fat storing phase. for effective slimming it is therefore best to avoid rich meals in the evening.We need to stimulate the elimination and detoxification phase in the day time and slow down the  nocturnal storage phase.

Therefore we conclude that biological rythms charatcterize life and hopefully this young, vigorously growing science  will prevade all disciplines of life sciences  to improve our quality of life and enhance our therapeutic abilities.



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