What Are Your Rights As A Customer? Exercise Your Rights.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Mar 15, 2010  
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Yes, today is World Customer Rights Day 2010, the 15th of March 2010. This is the day to remind us all that as customers we have certain rights and we should exercise them for our own benefit and benefit of humanity. Dear customers do be educated of your rights and exercise your rights to get full justice as a consumer of products and services.


First be aware of the guarantees given by the Consumer Guarantee Act of 1993 and get ready for the protection and exercise of your rights as a customer. This act protects consumers who acquire goods from a supplier for their own personal, household or for consumption purposes only. However goods bought neither to be sold nor traded in, nor for consumption in production, nor for repairing or using for trade are covered under Consumer Guarantee Act of 1993.  Additionally goods bought privately, through auctions and competitive bids are not covered in the Act.


On the occasion of the World Customer Rights Day 2010, it is vital that we educate ourselves about different terms before we start exercising our rights. The word goods under the Act; Consumer Guarantee Act of 1993 means any personal property excluding land or money whether tangible or intangibleIn addition goods may also include ships, aircraft and vehicles, animals including fish, minerals, trees and crops, gas and electricity, water, and computer software.


Dear friends the term services, under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, "services" includes and means the rights, benefits, privileges and facilities guaranteed and provided by the supplier, for a contract in relation to the performance of work which includes professional work too. This contract may be made for and in relation to trade of facilities for accommodation, amusement, the care of persons or animals or things, entertainment, instruction, parking, or recreation:


The term services also includes contracts like provision of insurance; life and general, a contract between a customer and banker, contracts for lending money or granting credit, buying and discounting credit instruments and contracts for services like gas, electricity, telecommunication, water and removal of waste water.


The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, guarantees that goods that are bought should be of acceptable quality meaning it should be fit for use, safe and durable. This means it should serve the particular use it has been bought for, and matches the samples and demonstrations made for the product. Besides the price should be reasonable and without any strings like mortgage.  If the product does not fulfill these conditions, the customer has a right to get the product replaced or repaired.


If it cannot be repaired or replaced a customer has the right to ask for a cash refund, or deduction in the cost of the product due to reduced value of the product. Educate yourself dear customers that substantial problems means if the good is unsafe or unfit for use and consumption. Realize and exercise your rights by keeping a record of all correspondences and communications between the supplier, manufacturer and you to further exercise your rights and get full justice.


Dear friends the valuable customers of services under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, you have the right to be provided the services with reasonable care and skill, be fit for the purpose, be provided in reasonable time and be charged a reasonable amount. Yes, you have the right to refuse the service and ask for a discount in case of not being satisfied. A customer has the right to have the problem fixed at his expense and can ask for a refund from the supplier. In case of serious problems that cannot be remedied, you as a customer can exercise your rights by canceling the contract and claiming back money paid and asking for damages to be compensated.   


The last and most important step you can take as a customer to enforce your rights, as a customer would be to enforce your rights by going to a Disputes Tribunal for a cheaper and faster action. Yes, dear customers you are the king in the market of consumption. Do be educated of your rights, exercise them and be sure to get a fair deal in all your transactions pertaining to goods and services.


Exercise Your Customer Rights From Today 15th Of March 2010, World Costumer Rights Day And Get Equitable Rights.  


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