How To Plan Your Time, Get Over Stress And Be Productive.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Mar 15, 2010  
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All people on this universe have only one commodity, which is equally given to all; yes it is time. All of us have been given 24 hours in a day or 1440 minutes and it depends on us how we spend this time to accomplish all our aspirations and priorities of life. Most of us are given to complaining that we are really stressed and have no time at all to do all the things we want to do in life. However dear friends, time is given equal to all of us and it is upon us to make the best use of it to get over stress and be productive in life.

The first step towards managing your time or time management starts with planning each day. Once a person plans each day and allots the tasks to be done on a daily basis. The most important aspect is that one should prioritize ones daily tasks as essential or important, not so important and secondary. In this way one is able to eliminate time wasters and is able to finish off all the most important tasks to feel productive and get over stress of not completing essential tasks.  Prioritizing tasks saves time and effort in doing non-essential and not so important tasks.


Yes, it is very essential that one sets goals to achieve on a daily and long term basis, These goals should be set taking into consideration ones strengths and weaknesses as well as tailoring all the priorities of the day. Once your goal is set, abstain from taking up non-essential tasks if one can avoid them. This will help completion of the task set and remove the stress of non-performance. In addition, giving full time and energy to the tasks important in hand first makes for better productive capacities and elimination of loss of time in correction.


Do delegate those tasks that you feel easy to delegate. This helps in better and sooner performance of the tasks in hand. It also helps to get over unnecessary stress and better productivity at times. However delegation is a very important skill and one should be able to give clear instructions and place full faith on the person one delegates the task, for him to perform equally well. This is sure to increase the productivity and also would help one get over stress.


One of the keys to management of time and getting over stress and decreased productivity lies in evaluating each day’s happenings and how you deal with it. One could easily keep a diary and write out all the things one does in a day and could find out time wasters. Once this is done one could take steps to save time. Yes, one could look for better utilities of time. If one has to travel to and from work and takes one hour each way, one could save time spent on reading at home, by reading to and fro from work. Similarly a student could save time to study by spending studying hours on the way to and from college and school. Distractions also play a vital role in the loss of time to be spent on important tasks. Every person could set aside some time when he spends by himself to relax or do things that require concentration. It could be time when he just doesn’t attend to calls on cell phone, telephone or just doesn’t entertain time wasters.


Do not postpone tasks you do not like, but make an attempt to start them. Unpleasant jobs tend to spoil ones mood and could also be a reason for procrastination. However it is best to just start doing those tasks and just do these tasks for just 10 minutes each day. The day would not be far when the task will be complete and you would feel good and less stressed. You are sure going to feel productive also. Similarly, breaking up bigger tasks into smaller ones helps to feel productive when one completes it.


Taking adequate rest is vital for good health and vitality. One definitely needs time to sleep and take rest. Besides it is necessary to have time for healthy meals too. Exercise also plays a great role in having a healthy mind and body. So it is best to allot time for these activities too, so one is able to feel good, gets over stress and is able to perform better; increased productivity. Yes, breaks in between work also helps to fight stress and contribute to increased productivity. It is best to stretch out, walk a few steps, look away from your work and just take 20 winks of sleep in-between to perform better.


Dear friends, plan each day, learn to prioritize, eliminate time wasters, never postpone important tasks, limit your distractions and aim at perfection in essential tasks. Also learn to break up big tasks into smaller ones, learn the art to delegate, take breaks to energize and rest and sleep, eat healthy, do exercises to feel fit and get over stress. Yes completing tasks that are important in time is all about time management.   


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