Ways to Motivate Yourself

Posted by Seema Nigar Alvi on Fri, Apr 8, 2011  
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In today’s highly competitive world the importance of motivation is far increased. Survival of the fittest is highly applicable nowadays. One fall or a blow and not recovering, and you are out of the game. You’ve got to be full of motivations and enthusiasms to bounce back and get your goal. 

Well motivation can be defined as that driving or propelling force which enables us to achieve our set targets and goals. The root word is motive which refers to needs, desires or the drives. Motivation is the stimulus which catalyzes our actions towards the attainment of our ultimate goal. The perception of achieving our goal is the ultimate driving force and this can only be achieved by being self motivated. Our inner strength and the willingness to believe in it is the actual motivation for any individual.

 Stages of motivation:

The three important stages of motivation are:

1. Drive

2. Arousal of needs

3. Satisfaction of aroused needs in the form of goal achievement.

All of us want to excel in life, want to succeed in their endeavors and accomplish all their targets. This is not possible with a half-hearted attempt. We have to be focused, aim-oriented, high spirited and self motivated.

 Important tips to motivate are

The important effective ways to successfully motivate you are as under:

1.  The Cause; It’s good and fruitful to have a cause for our goal. The cause positively directs your actions towards your final goal.

2.  Dream ! Dream big: Dream for the stars .You may not get them but you will not return with a handful of dust either. Your dreams should be achievable but challenging.

3.  Hungry to achieve: Merely a desire to excel is not sufficient. You should have the ”hunger” to satiate your drive for fulfilling your dreamt goal.

4.  Be your own competitor: You should try to run your own race .Comparisons with others will only demoralize and demotivate you. You should be your own rival and competitor. You have to beat yourself and none!

5. Should take one step further: While facing hindrances and obstacles you should be bold to take a step further and the anticipated tendency to quit should be shunned. Like flies will the failures depart.

6. Let past be past:  Never allow your past to come between your present and future. Finish every day as the end. No worries, no regrets and no qualms. What’s done is done and what’s done cannot be undone is your motto in life.

7. Properly plan your work: Careful and meticulous planning is an integral part of your goal achievement. Planned actions are bound to succeed and be fruitful.

8.  Rightly using bodily chemicals:   Chemicals here refers to the intrinsic constituents of our emotional being like to laugh,to dance, hugging the loved ones, etc. An expression of emotions fills your body and mind with new vitality and vigor to strive again with supplemented attitude.

9. Remember your past success: Reminding yourself about the previous successes will boast your morale and energize you. All obstacles will appear small and you will have tremendous confidence and self –determination to achieve and to excel.

10. Imitate your heroes: You should be trying to follow the footsteps of your ideals, heroes and those admired by you. Caution should be taken in picking up only the best of their qualities.

11. Take tough task: Remember three ‘T’s” Take tough task first .Once the toughest job is done then the rest is easy to accomplish. It also encourages you as the hardest job is already done.

12 Morning self analysis:   Ask yourself some uplifting questions to raise your self confidence. Questions like;

-What makes me happy?

-What do I want to achieve?

-What are my positive points?

-Which is my weakest area?   

This exercise will clarify all doubts one has about oneself and the things he wants to gain become quite clear and explicit.

13. Small targets:  It’s good to have small targets rather than having single big one. Achievement of these small ones enables an individual the confidence to strive for the big ones with greater zeal.

14. Leave your comfort zone:So long as you are in the comfort zone your goals will be limited. Try to come out of your comfort zone and be challenging and setting things which appear to be unachievable as they will test your mettle and set your confidence level high.

15. Set a time deadline:It’s always wise to set time line for a particular goal achievement. You cannot go on with one target for too long. Finish your goals within the proposed time. Be time bound.

I believe these tips are the crucial one’s for lifting a dispirited individual and boosting morale. We are Lord’s best creations  and we cannot be half-hearted in our goal achievement. Remember Our greatest glory is never in falling but rising everytime we fall. So trust your capabilities and do the undone!   




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