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The statistical data reveals that it is almost 5-10% child producing women are known to have PCOD. The term PCOD also known as PCOS refers to Polycystic Ovarian Disease or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Another synonym is Stein-Leventhal syndrome. It’s an abnormal pathology where there is multiple cysts formation in the ovaries consequently causing the complex hormonal and glandular disorder involving women. Ovarian cysts are seen to occur due to changes in menstrual cycles.

 Likely Symptoms:

1.Excessive weight gain

2.Excessive hair

3.Acne vulgaris

4.Mood swings

5.Skin tags

 Plausible signs:

1.Increased androgens

2.Irregular or absence of menstruation

3.Lack of ovulation

4. Dysmenorrhoea


Prevalent Myths:

Lets analyze the common prevalent myths and truths about Stein-Leventhal syndrome:

 1. Women having PCOD are infertile!  - Commonest myth about PCOD. It is a general misconception that women having PCOS are infertile which is absolutely untrue as there are evidences of such women bearing children. PCOD may be a cause of infertility in its severest form and not a direct one. There are many females with PCOD, who have given birth to normal healthy babies around the world.

2. Presence of cyst is essential! -A general myth which says that presence of cyst is must for the occurrence of the disease which is absolutely false. Cyst may or may not be present at all for the prevalence of the disease.

  3. Connection between cystic ovaries and PCOS! - No direct relationship exists between cystic ovaries and  presence of PCOS. There are situations where the ovaries are cystic but no PCOS occur.

 4. PCOS is simply a gynaecological disorder!  – Although PCOD is not a reproductive system disease, it is actually an endocrinal disorder.

5. Occur only in obese females! -PCOD is commonly seen in the obese individuals as they are it’s active symptoms but it necessarily does not occur in obese only. Thin females also suffer from this ailment.

 6. PCOD is Rare! - Contrary almost 10% of childbearing females is anticipated to suffer from this. It is quite common in this age segment. Isn’t it??

7. Normal blood test rule out PCOD! -Blood tests are false indicators oftentimes because of broad ranges of references.

 8. PCOD goes with menopause! - Menopause or cessation of menstruation will not cure the PCOD. Simply the uterine symptoms subside. The notorious underlying hormonal pathology will affect you in various different ways like, acne enhanced hair growth, etc.

9. Sonographic reports do not reveal cysts. So no PCOD!-The ultrasound necessarily depict the cyst in ovaries as these cysts come and go from time to time. So it is not a confirmation for the diagnosis.

   10.No research support  so seek the naturopathic treatment-Absolute rubbish! There are plenty of

         researches supporting techniques as herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, etc.

         used extensively in the treatment of PCOD.

Dispelling the myths about PCOD that are shrouding the actual reality is what is required.

Apart from the actual treatment it is the awareness and counseling that is needed to combat the ailment. It is highly imperative to clarify all doubts and misconceptions and get adequately treated.


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