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Vitiligo (vitiligo) is a common multiple of the pigmented skin, the disease to local or generalized loss of pigment, characterized by the formation of white spot. It is a kind of access, and limitations or generalized loss of skin pigment disorders, the impact of beauty is a common skin disease. Easy diagnosis and treatment difficult.Chinese medicine known as "white leucoderma" or "split-white style." Vitiligo is acquired due to loss of skin pigment and the occurrence of the limitations of the white patch. What is skin pigmentation? How pigment loss is going on? The skin is the skin pigment called melanin. Skin melanoma of skin and hair follicles present in the melanoma cells. Melanoma cells produce melanin in the role of tyrosinase by tyrosinase into dopa (DoPa), then a series of complex biochemical processes and generate. When this process occurs when obstacles (for example, tyrosinase in melanocytes of copper (cu + +) to reduce or sulfur-based hydrogen (--- SH increase) led to reduced tyrosinase activity, or even disappear, and then enable the generation of melanin to reduce, disappeared, this medicine is usually pigmented lesion called loss, resulted in partial loss of the white spot-like skin.

The disease occurs all over the world, the highest incidence rates in India, 12 million people in China about the disease, the disease can affect all races, men and women was no significant difference in incidence. In recent years, the incidence increased year by year, causing widespread concern. He addressed the reasons for increased incidence year by year? How to prevent? And more able to heal after the recurrence of such issues as genetic? Is currently the focus of attention.

Vitiligo causes

So far the cause of vitiligo is not very well be summed up in nine factors: genetic factors; the spirit of neural factors; chemical factors; casein ammonialyase, copper ions are relatively scarce factors; infection factors; traumatic factors and so on. Can be seen that vitiligo pathogenesis of a wide range of factors, but a considerable number of patients with no predisposing factor search. We found that vitiligo patients regardless of what part of the pathogenesis, relationship with the microcirculation. Treatment in our study, the focus on efforts in the improvement of microcirculation. The basis of clinical observation, the main cause of this disease are the following:

First, industrial pollution: industrial sewage pollution on the environment in recent years increased the incidence of one of the reasons why. Emissions from industrial production of untreated emissions, waste water, as well as the rapid growth of motor vehicle exhaust emissions contain many harmful substances in the human body, such as sulfur dioxide, acid, alkali, lead, arsenic, mercury, benzene, phenol and other chemical or toxic heavy metals will directly harm the human body.

 In recent years, found a large quantity of emissions of fluorine refrigerant type of damage the ozone layer of the atmosphere, leading to excessive ultraviolet radiation to the surface, that is, it will harm the human body. Skin above factors are the causes of increased morbidity.

Second, agricultural pollution: excessive use of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides and ripening agent, excessive feeding of poultry meat slaughtered after growth hormone residues in the body, to human health will be adversely affected.

 Third, small food and beverage food and beverages for a small child's physical development and health have a significant impact because:

1) the law interfere with the child's normal diet of small sweet and delicious food and drink, children as a snack at any time of its consumption, a long time is not the normal meal time, upset the laws of a normal diet.


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