The dry eye

Posted by S Prabhu Subramaniyam on Thu, Jul 30, 2009  
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It is nothing but a symptom complex occuring as a sequale to deficiency or abnormality of tear film.

Etiology: 1.Aqueous layer deficiency

               2.Mucin deficiency

               3.Lipid abnormality

               4.Impaired eye lid function


Symptoms: irritation,foriegn body sensation,dryness,etc

Signs: Stingy mucous,lusterless ocular surface,corneal inflammation,etc

Tests: Tearfilm Braekup test, Schirmer I test,Rose bengal staining,etc

Treatment:Tear substitutes, topical cyclosporines,topical retinoids, mucolitics,redusing evapourisation and drainage.


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