Understanding Egg Donation

Posted by Jenny Currie on Tue, Aug 25, 2009  
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Understand all the dymanics of egg donation.  Know how egg donation works as third party reproduction.  Egg donation how!
Egg donation is an advanced type of fertility treatment involving an egg donor assisting a person looking for donor eggs by donating their eggs as a gesture to help an infertile person or person who has a need for different gene material.
Prior to starting any egg donation programs, egg donors are throoughly screened and recipients of donor eggs are also carefully assessed to confirm that they are able to receive a pregnancy.  Alternatively they may requrie egg donation surrogacy.
Egg donors and egg donation recipients cycles are aligned to be at the same place.  This is a relatively simple process involving the contraceptive pill.
The egg donation treatment actually starts when the egg donor begins her menstruation.  she starts taking egg donation medication from this day to stimulate egg development.  From this day, the recipient also starts taking medication to prepare her uterus for pregnancy.
Egg donation how - during the egg donation treatment, the egg donor comes in for 2 or 3 scans over a two week period confirming how well the egg donor is responding to medication and how many eggs she is likely to produce.  The egg donation recipient also has a final scan on day 10 (or no later than day 12) to confirm her body is ready to receive the embryos and have an optimal chance of burrying themselves in the lining. 
On the day of egg retrieval - the egg donor is put under anaesthetic to alleviate the discomfort of the  egg retrieval diectly from the ovaries.  This is not an operation, so no cutting and scarring involved.
The donor eggs are fertilised with the recipient's sperm and the embryos grown in a special incubator and monitored for five days.  At the end of egg retrieval, the egg donation process is over for the egg donor and she has no further responsibilities.
12 days after the embryo transfer, a pregnancy test is done to see if the egg donation process was successful.



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