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Posted by Adam Prada on Mon, Aug 24, 2009  
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Sex drive for most men is synonymous with manhood.  Even a minor glitch in performance can be a major event.  However, for some men, age, stress, and physical problems can lead to both a loss of ability to perform and a lack of interest in sex.  When this happens, it brings emotional strain on the man and can make his marital relationship at risk.

With a failure of this basic drive, the additional  emotional baggage can lead into a vicious cycle of less and less sex and more and more worry about it.  Men find this topic harder to discuss than any other.  This is especially true for discussions with his wife.  He does not want to admit that he is unable to perform as a husband.  Unfortunately, this lack of communication can deteriorate an already weak relationship.

Women equate sex with love from their husbands.  The lack of a sex life can cause her to begin to question whether her mate still loves her.  His reluctance to talk only reinforces her notion that he no longer has an interest in her as his wife.  Consequently, it becomes much easier for her to begin to look elsewhere to fulfill her need for affection and physical satisfaction.

For the man, it becomes critical that he find a way to restart a dying sex life.  This process begins with a trip to his family doctor.  The result of this visit may have up to three paths to follow.  

The first is to determine if there are physical problems leading to his impotence.  Things like high blood pressure, a heart condition, or circulatory problems can all contribute to this affliction.  If one or more of these is diagnosed, appropriate medications may very well be available to fix the problem.  

Obesity and poor physical condition can also affect sex drive.  If too many of the body’s resources are required just to repair and maintain the body itself, too little may be left to provide the energy for sexual performance.  By losing weight and doing physical conditioning, the desire for sex may return naturally.  Your health professional can guide you in this area.  Even too little weight can cause the body not to function properly in a similar way.

If the family doctor does not find an obvious cause of impotence, a urologist may be recommended.  This specialist can examine potential problems with the genitals.  A lack of blood flow to the penis can keep an erection from happening.  A pinched nerve or other problem in that part of the body may be to blame.   Even a testicular problem may exist.  The doctor should be able to offer some solutions.

If the impotence is caused as the result of prostate surgery, the answer may require more than medication to repair.  Some men lose their ability to get any type of erection following this surgery.  There are prosthetic devices that can be used to give an artificial erection so that sex can be performed.  Even devices like penis pumps have been found to be useful in this area.  These pumps create a vacuum around the penis and cause blood to engorge it like nature used to do.  A ring around the base of the penis can hold the trapped blood in place until sex can be enjoyed.  These devices have certain risks and advantages.  A doctor should be able to give proper guidance for their correct usage.

Products like Viaga and Cialis are two of the more popular drugs that assist men in attaining and keeping an erection.  These work very well for many men.  However, one or both doctors may determine that the impotence is caused by male menopause.  This is a slow but steady decline in testosterone levels.  Eventually, the level drops below a point necessary to fuel the sex drive in a man.  

While most men never reach this level entirely, many experience the need for more manual stimulation to achieve an erection and less ability to maintain it without additional stimulation.  A longer time may be needed to reach orgasm also.  Testosterone injections or medicines that enhance testosterone production in the male body can restore some or all of his lost sex drive.

Finally, once physical problems are ruled out, psychological causes need to be explored.   Various possibilities exist in this area.  The impotence may be rooted deep in the past, or it might be concerns about things that are causing stress right now.  Many times, the cause can be determined in just a few sessions and be worked out satisfactorily.  It may require sessions with both husband and wife together to be able to repair the problem.

Finding a way to the solution whether physical or mental is worth doing.  The pleasure and sense of well being derived from mutually satisfying sex cannot be replaced any other way.  Sex creates a bond between partners.  Keeping an active sex life will enhance the feeling of being a man and will spill over into many other areas of life.

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