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Choosing the right dental clinic can be a tedious exercise and if done wrongly you might end up with bad experiences and might even lose your teeth. Here you can find top tips to select the right dentist and dental clinic.


1. Based on proximity of the dental clinic


Dental treatments usually require multiple appointments for completion based on the type of treatment procedure. So it would be wise to choose a clinic in close proximity either to your house or workplace. This reduces the time that you might have to spend otherwise for travelling. Many a times this simple factor alone might contribute for postponing needed treatment for your dental issue and allow it to progress to the advanced level


2. Based on specialization 


The field of Dentistry encompasses several specializations. For example, an orthodontist takes care of teeth alignment, whereas a Periodontist takes care of gums and supporting structures like periodontium and bone.


So you should choose dental specialist based on your dental problem. Otherwise, when you visit a dental clinic, the resident dentist himself would diagnose and refer you to the right specialist. 


3. Based on experience 


Years of practice definitely provides good exposure to varieties of dental problems and the right method to handle them for a dentist. So may be an experienced dentist would be doing a better job than an inexperienced one.


But the catch is, whatever the experience of the dentist is, he would not be very good unless he upgrades himself with the advanced treatment procedures, equipments and materials. So, please look out for dental surgeons who would keep themselves at the cutting edge technology by attending seminars, conferences, and continued dental education courses. 


4. Based on treatments offered 


The field of dentistry is dynamic and changes are an integral part of this field. Varieties of new equipments, materials are being introduced, advanced treatment procedures are emerging.


Hence you should choose a dentist or a dental clinic based on various dental treatment procedures offered. Now it is the trend to demand more and to get the best. Hence, choose the dental clinic based on varieties of treatments offered.


5. Based on sterilization protocol 


Spread of infection is a major threat in the world today. Hence sterilization protocol followed in the clinic is crucial to ensure safety to all patients.


Usage of Autoclaves for sterilization of used instruments, sterile packing, UV cabinets for storing the sterile instruments, using disposable needles, syringes, gloves, tumblers and other consumables are all key factors in ensuring patient safety.


Hence please confirm all these when you are choosing a dental clinic. 


6. Based on previous treatments done


Many dentists own a website or are visible in directories and would have uploaded pictures of their cases. This would be a guide to know what to expect from that dental surgeon. Good results with previous cases should help you in choosing your dentist.  


All these above mentioned factors are essential for having good and safe dental care. There are some dental surgeons or practices which go further ahead in providing advanced comfort features for their patients. 


7. Online appointment booking facility 


This allows you to book appointments with the dentist of your choice even during non-working hours of the clinic. The biggest advantage is you don’t have to call up the clinic and wait for scheduling of your appointment. This facility can prevent postponement of the required appointment with your dental surgeon. SMS reminders help in confirming and reminding the appointments to the patient as well to the surgeon. 


8. Practice management software


This system supports the dentist in maintaining diagnostic as well as treatment records of each of his patients. Thus he would be equipped with all your information even after years. In such cases, you getting a better service is ensured.

9. Based on other facilities 

Some clinics offer other features like WiFi enabled reception area, Air-conditioned chambers, Music, Television and other comforts. All these add to the comfort of the patient. 


10. Ease of payment options 


Earlier it was only cash transaction in dental clinics in India. Now many dental clinics accept cards as well. Online payment option can also be helpful for patients.


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