Throbbing Headaches

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, Sep 16, 2013  
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Throbbing headaches should not be ignored and should be ignored and should be taken seriously. Headaches due to migraine and tension are common both in the young and the old. Elderly people should be all the more cautious when it comes to headaches.


Migraines in the elderly people generally come with visual or sensory disturbances rather than just a head ache which is common in the young people.


When it comes to elderly people having a head ache you should not just give a painkiller, but you should discuss prescription drugs with the doctor to check the side effects. Just popping painkillers we will not get to know the actual cause of the pain. Plus it can have serious repercussions too.


Elderly people who have heart or blood sugar problem should be all the more careful. Preventive drugs for migraine are also not recommended for elderly individuals because of the risk of heart disorders, urinary retention and cognitive impairment. Headaches can happen due to cough and cold, cervical spondylosis and brain tumor. So be careful before you pop in a painkiller thinking it to be a normal headache.


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