Those Disturbing Hormones inside New Mommy....

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Becoming Mom for the first time can be overwhelming and exciting. The emotions experienced by new mom when they hold their cute little angels in their arms is truly heart touching. The excitement of new born baby in the house is often mixed with tension and exhaustion…a phase that can surprise new moms. Women may experience bouts of gloom and irritability soon after child birth, some women may be feeling sad one minute and happy the other minute.

These sudden outbursts of crankiness are quite normal in a new mother, because of the hormonal changes happening inside her. She may be experiencing mood swings, feelings of irritability, crying for no reason. These symptoms may last for a few days to few weeks. With proper rest and nutrition and support from family one can get back to leading normal life.

But if the symptoms still persists for more than the normal period it could be a cause for concern. You may have to look for Post Partum Depression which can be interfering between the mother and her child. The women experiencing Post partum depression can be suicidal, they may not be interested in their child, may have negative feelings towards the child also lack motivation and energy.

Now there could be varied causes for the onset of Post partum depression:

  • Drop in thyroid levels can lead to depression and exhaustion. Lack of sleep could be a factor too.
  • Hormonal changes- Sudden drop in estrogen and progesterone levels may cause mood swings and irritability.
  • Stress can also take a toll.  Changes in blood pressure and metabolism trigger post partum depression.

 As the saying goes “There is no gain without pain”…the new mom should take good care of herself by changing her lifestyle and setting aside few goals for her.

If you are a new mom the following remedies may help you:

  • Doing Exercise- A15-20 minute walk can do wonders for you as it is effective when it comes to treating depression
  • You must try catching up on your sleep whenever you can.
  • You must find ways to pamper yourselves by getting a massage or by taking hot water bath or a bubble bath.
  • Getting out in the sun is not only good for your bones but will also lift up your mood.


So for all you new moms just take a deep breath and relax!!!  Enjoy the joy of being a mother……


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