The Wise Way to Cut Calories

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Wed, Apr 27, 2011  
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*If you cannot do with out your breakfast omelette then you can make a little change in the ingredients. Instead of using two whole eggs and 60 gm of cheese in it, make your omelet with one whole egg and one egg white with lots of spring onions green chilies and tomatoes chopped in it.


*Add a dash of chilli sauce to your meal. A recent study has shown that consuming a meal rich in green chilli; people burned almost twice as many calories for the next few hours.


*Have an early night. If you get an extra hour and half of sleep, you probably eat fewer calories the next day. People who sleep less snack more as compared to people who sleep for eight hours.


*If you sit down and eat you will consume15 percent less calories and eat more slowly. Scoffing a meal means that your part of the brain that says when you are full does not receive the right signals, that is the reason you feel hungry in no time. Time your self when you are eating your meal and chew it properly. This technique if you follow religiously while you are eating your meals then this will satisfy your hunger completely.


*Say no to aerated drinks. We consume empty calories if we take a lot of aerated drinks and it is just not healthy.


*Have yogurt after every meal. Yogurt is not only good for digestion, but it is excellent for shedding kilos too. The calcium content in yogurt prevents fat storage and boost fat loss by tricking the metabolism into working overtime.


*Opt for small serving spoons, bowls and plates. When you use large serving spoons, bowls and plates you end up consuming more food.












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