The Thrill of Slimming Pill

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Wed, Dec 8, 2010  
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To get rid of that extra flab is not easy. Many opt for the slim pill formula. But opting for his short cut is definitely not a wise option as it can play havoc with your body. The temptation to loose those extra pounds fast is very high. You may want to pop slimming and put an end to your diet woes. But the obvious question is does these slimming pill actually work and live up to their promise. But these slimming pills can be really harmful if you are already under some medication.

 There are two types of diet pills- natural and pharmaceutical. The natural ones contain herbal ingredients such as green tea. The pharmaceutical products include brand name products that are synthesised drugs. It is important to remember that slimming pill does not lead to permanent weight loss. You have to be very careful with your diet later on and keep your self active at the same time. They work by suppressing your appetite and increasing your metabolic rate. There are pills which contain high quantity of caffeine, which acts as diuretic, purging excess water weight. Certain pills prevents the absorption of fat.

 The short cut for weight reduction by popping slimming pills are high, but one needs to be sure about the facts that how safe it is?  Research has proved that these pills can be dangerous. So if you are really eager in consuming slimming pills you should be aware of what you are introducing your system to. These slimming pills have a number of undesirable side effects like fatigue, lack of sleep, insomnia, blurred vision, dry mouth, dizziness, palpitation and head ache. The other serious side effects are heart attack, heart failure, intestinal problems, stroke and urinary tract infection. Slimming pills containing diuretics or laxatives can lead to skin rashes and diarrhea. This can lead to loss of water in the body along with potassium and other vital electrolytes. Decrease of potassium in the body can lead to coma and even heart failure.

 There is no magical wand by which for losing weight. But the best way to reduce weight is by regulating your lifestyle. Have a balanced diet, consisting of healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts, lentils, lean chicken and fish and good carbohydrates like oats, wheat and brown rice. Long term use of these pills can be really dangerous as it may result to convulsions, loss of vision, tremors and stroke. Regulate your lifestyle. Make exercising and eating healthy a habit for life. Pregnant and breast feeding women should stay away from slimming pills.


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