The Sexy Busy Woman

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Wed, Aug 31, 2011  
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We are busy and we are working the whole day. So how do we find time for ourselves and remain sexy and healthy? If you are working, most part of your day is spent at your desk in your office. So make good use of this time instead of blaming it on your sedentary lifestyle.


When in office make sure that you keep most of your important files and documents in the last drawer of your cupboard. This will ensure that you bend a little bit more every time you need them. This is an excellent exercise for the abs.


Contract your tummy with every phone call that you get. While speaking on the phone sit straight with your chest pushing forwards and hips resting on your chair’s back and then breath out and squeeze in your abdomen.  Hold for few minutes.


Squeeze your butt with every mail. Clench your butt as tight as possible, hold for six seconds and release. Do it six times. A toned butt makes you feel good.


When you are at home attending to various chores takes in a lot of time. When you are standing and boiling the milk then stand with your legs shoulder width apart and hand son your waist, bend forward and rotate the upper body in circular motion. While you are working just shrug your shoulder by lifting it up toward your ears, hold for eight to ten seconds and then lower it.  This will release all tensions from the shoulder area.


Make it a point to touch your toes in between your work. Keep your legs wide apart touch your left foot with your right arm without bending your knees and repeat this on the other side as well. Do these simple exercises while working and see for yourself how your muscles tone up.


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