The Laws for an Empowering Life

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Fri, Mar 8, 2013  
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Metaphysical laws are essentially physical laws, which when applied in an individual’s life, brings fulfillment of one’s goals and desires. Well I call them the laws of the universe. Whatever you think, you attract. Be it positive or negative.


When I am feeling low I attract low and depressing energy. When I feel high I attract energising and good energy. Wherever you attach yourself and focus your attention, there the thought goes. The law of attraction simply brings into your life that which you constantly think about. So if your thought is predominantly success you attract success.


Whenever you appreciate and are thankful about something that happened to you, be sure that success will automatically low into your life. If you are thankful for a happy, loving family, you will experience happiness and love in other areas of your life too. Thanking anyone or anything with humility and from the heart is gratitude.


We all are one. We have separate bodies, but the mind is connected through universal consciousness. Our minds and thoughts are connected to each other.   As you sow so shall you reap is a very common saying and it actually happens. The consequences of your thoughts and action will come back to you. So your negative thought and action will come back to you.  In the same way your positive deeds will also come back to you. When we pass on something good to others there will come a time when it will come back to us.


The law of love is the most powerful of all spiritual laws. Love is one such strong emotion that will follow you everywhere. But remember that you should love yourself first to love others. If you love and appreciate yourself then there is no place for anger or envy. In the process of pleasing others and keeping others happy, don’t sacrifice your happiness. Don’t stop thinking about yourself and loving yourself. When we stop doing what pleases us or makes us happy, then a time comes when we feel defeated and we feel that nobody loves us. The moment we start taking care of our self and loving our self we feel that the world is a beautiful place and that everybody loves us. There is a magical quality to love it, it expands and grows the more you give.  


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