The Key to Success- Is Being Emotionally Intelligent!!!

Posted by pallavi-78 on Tue, Nov 12, 2013  
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Going by the fundamental principles of our country we all have the right to express ourselves and communicate with others. As we all come from a plethora of varied cultures and social background we tend to have different personalities and thus vary in expressing our thoughts and emotions. Some people may react to stressful situations in a calm and controlled manner and are able to handle their emotions in a positive and optimistic way while others get offended and get upset  over a minute problem.

In today's world success depends on our ability, in the way we handle our emotions be it anger, joy sadness jealousy and so on..and also in our ability to read other person's gestures and mood and react accordingly. Each one of us must learn to control our emotions and be more understanding and more empathetic in our day to day interactions with people around us. Being intelligent in managing our emotions will benefit us in many ways: By channelizing your emotions in a positive way will help you relieve your stress and resolve conflicts more positively. Emotional intelligence can help you steer the social complexities at your work place thereby motivating you to excel in life and in your profession.

Your awareness towards yourself improves by recognizing your own emotions thoughts and behavior. You tend to become more empathetic towards others as your ability to connect with other's emotions  improves.

 Extreme levels of stress can engulf one's mind and body, being able to calm and relax yourself will help you stay more balanced, controlled and focused in your lives.

You tend to become physically as well psychologically stronger and more positive by understanding and handling  your emotions efficiently.

So the next time your boss or an angry subordinate throws a tantrum do remember to smile, relax and take a deep breathe and try to connect with him or her at an emotional level and you will find  that the tantrum soon melts away.....



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