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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Jan 12, 2012  
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If your hair is becoming frizzier by the day and conditioning gives it only a temporary recovery, the real culprit could be keratin loss. Seasonal changes causes keratin in the hair to degenerate.


Keratin is the outer layer of each hair strand. Hair grows from the bulb which is under the skin. The root of hair is made up of cells which are under the skin and they are bulging with keratin. Hair quality depends on chemical bonds between keratins, and these bonds are easily broken by water or even humidity. This is why wet hair should never be brushed. Keratin is important for that straight glossy hair. Keratin loss is essentially protein loss. Keratin gets damaged due to extreme weather conditions, styling, poor diet and hormonal changes. But it is definitely possible to repair the damage.


There are no food supplements or food that could that can actually help in the growth of keratin in the hair. To some extent multivitamin supplements can help. Nanogen treatment has become very common in saloons in which keratin is electro statically bonded to the hair, thus making it look denser till the next wash.  The good news is that there are some products available today to restore shine and suppleness. Women with damaged hair can undergo keratin treatment at salon followed by regular use of keratin based shampoos and conditioner.


Increase iron intake. Most hair loss and dullness is due to iron deficiency. Food rich in iron includes lentils, spinach, dates and beetroot. Vitamin B helps calm frizzy, brittle hair and oiling restores keratin in dry hair.



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