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Tabata is a workout for those who want the maximum effect in a minimum quantifiable time. It is an extremely high intensity work out, it will also do wonders for your cardio system.


Tabata routine was meant for highly trained athletes, but now it has been adapted for people who like a varied, challenging workout. Just four minutes of this high intensity interval training is supposed to feel like- and have the effectiveness of almost 40 minutes workout.


Created by researcher Dr Izumi Tabata and his colleagues at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Japan, this time effective form of interval training helps you push yourself to the limit, causing fat burn. A burst of raw aerobic activity is interspersed with an anaerobic one. You need a heart rate monitor to see if you are hitting the optimum fat-burning rate. But if you are working out is a class, try to max your effort and not bother about measuring your heart rate. Your weight should be the only resistance you should be working with; anything more can put your heart at risk.


It is absolutely important to speak to a doctor before starting Tabata and one should not forget to warm up or cool down in Tabata.


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