Some Beauty Sins

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Wed, Oct 31, 2012  
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Tattoos if not have done with proper hygiene and the right material can cause severe infection and allergic reaction. It can even lead to oozing and swelling. So make sure you get a tattoo engraved by a certified artist only.


Same goes for body piercing, if not done hygienically, it can lead to local infection, keloids etc. It’s important to take post piercing care to avoid such infection. Wearing artificial jewellery on the pierced parts is also a bad idea.


Women often tend to treasure their beauty products. You should always check the shelf life of the beauty products. There are some ingredients and preservatives used in these products which after the expiry date can risk your health.


Women especially teenagers and college goers love to wear colored lenses. Before wearing lenses it is important to sterilise it. Bad quality lenses can cause infection in the eye. Also one should make sure that the diameter or the lenses cover the cornea properly.


Women often don’t mind sharing their make-up products, but what they are not aware of is sharing can spread skin to skin bacteria.


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