Chronic Cough And Homoeopathy

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Chronic Cough

A cough basically can be defined as a sudden occurring reflex which is repetitive in nature and plays a great role in clearing a large amount of breathing passage from foreign particles, microbes, etc. Depending upon its nature, duration time, quality it can be classified into different types.

The condition is termed as acute if the duration is less than three weeks, if the condition lasts between 3 and eight weeks then it turns into sub acute, but if the condition surpasses eight weeks then it is called chronic cough. Chronic cough can thus, be defined as a cough that persists.


 It can be referred as a symptom of an underlying condition and is not a disease in itself. It can be considered as one of the common problem and is the reason for frequent doctor’s visit.

There are numerous factors which are responsible for getting immune to chronic cough. The most common cause is the cigarette smoking.

 Some more common causes of chronic cough includes asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinus problems (for example sinus infection), and esophageal reflux of stomach contents.

 In fewer cases especially in cases of children it is seen that chronic cough is the result of aspiration of unconventional objects into the lungs. It becomes very important to visit such a doctor who suggests an X-ray of chest area if a chronic cough is prevalent. But chronic cough is not common in children. Even certain medicines which are helpful in treating patients of high blood pressure can be the cause of chronic cough.



Homeopathic treatment works by searching the root cause of the problem. It is observed in many cases chronic cough starts after a vaccine, but this is not always the case.

The treatment then can be straightforward, but it may take some time if the ailment occurred some time ago. When a treatment is carried out through homeopathy many factors affect it. Factors such as how long ago did the cause occur, besides cough anything else has happened which is disturbing the health of the patient, the degree of effectiveness of immune response, medications are currently taken or not and many other important issues.

All these factors contribute in determining the strength of the medicine and how effectively is the medicine working. If the initial response was very good it will help the homeopath in making the correct choice of medicine.

Some medicines used for chronic cough are phosphorous ( useful in conditions of cough arising from trachea), rumex crispus (useful in dry cough aggravated by influence of cold air), bryonia (useful for dry cough basically originating from the stomach), spongia (useful in conditions of hard, barking like cough which worsens in conditions of excitement), hyoscyamus(useful for conditions of nervous, dry and spasmodic cough), sanguinaria (useful for situations of humid and dry cough after inflammation).But consult a homoeopathic physician before taking any medicine.

Homeopathy is cases of these root out the disease from its base .


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