Simple factors that promote sleep

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Dec 16, 2010  
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Getting a good eight hours sleep is what the body needs to rejuvenate one self. Even insomniac can find rest if they change their habits.

 *Stop waking in the night- Going to bed hungry will aggravate sleep problems and may wake you up at around 4 am. Eat small amounts of whole grains and lean protein regularly, and avoid sugary snacks after noon. But do not overdo it at night, because it can make insomnia worse. If you lie awake for 15 minutes, get up and leave the room, only return to bed when you are sleepy.

 *Choose a comfortable bed- Backache is a serious cause of sleep loss, and bad beds can cause backache. Get the best mattress you can afford and change it every five years. Alternatively, put a sheet of plywood under your mattress to make it firmer.

 *Make some noises- Sudden noises are likely to wake you up, but try getting used to some background noise. The cheapest way is to turn on a desk fan, or play some relaxing music as you go to sleep.

 *Have a bath before bed time- This is an excellent practice and will put you in a calm, relaxed mode of mind.

 *Try herbs- Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic herb that promotes sleepiness. Avoid peppermint before bed, as well as alcohol. You can try a B-complex vitamin with water before hitting the bed.

 *Eat smarter- get more leafy vegetables, beans and nuts into your diet. Avoid food from packets before bed time.

 *Clear the debts-While the amount of sleep you need varies over a life time and can even be determined by your genes, most people need somewhere around seven and a half hours. Studies have proved that being sleep deprived for a week or two is fine, but if it goes on for any longer, sleep debts can turn in burnout and depression. To make up your hours go to bed a little earlier each night.



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