Signs Of Menopause And How To Lead A Normal Life

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Menopause is an inevitable phase in every woman’s life.  The onset of menopause can be distressing physically and naturally.  The road ahead to lead a stress fee life is through counseling and medical help.  Menopause is a stage where woman’s menses cease and the ovaries stop producing egg cells.  The egg cells get depleted and the production of female hormone namely estrogen and progesterone starts to fluctuate.  These are tell-tale signs of menopause.


Research has shown that 80% of women experience moderate to heavy symptoms.  The typical symptoms are hot flushes, urinary incontinence, heavy menstrual period and heart palpitation.  Women have mood swings, irritability and anxiety.  Menopause should and must be treated or else it can become a vicious cycle.  This may result in loss of sleep, fatigue which in turn can multiply other symptoms. 

Lack of understanding on the part of women about menopause makes matter worse.  Women who have attained menopause must take the support of their partners so that problems are discussed and solved.  Menopause can cause stress and in the process can have a weakening effect on adrenalin glands causing decrease in estrogen production.  It’s important to deal with stress at this specific juncture in a constructive way. 


Menopause does not spell the end of a satisfying sex life.  In face post menopausal women report increased sexual satisfaction.  This may be due to decrease in anxiety related to fear of pregnancy.  Women should come forward and discuss issues related to menopause with their General Practitioner or for that matter consult a menopause consultant regarding the treatment methods. 


Women should get through menopause by indulging in physical activity like walking; cycling and most importantly pay attention to diet.  They should cut down on sugar, alcohol and coffee and add more vegetables, grains, and fruits to their diet.  Soy is a great way to fight menopause as it contain phyto-estrogen.  Stay informed, reduce stress, and lead a normal life.



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