Carbohydrates and Health problems!!!!

Posted by pallavi-78 on Mon, Dec 22, 2014  
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Folks if we are active and healthy with competent digestive function and no major food allergies ,we are safe to eat natural complex carbohydrates which are vegetales grains  and little fruits,without the fear of getting fat, Infact complex carbs as we can say are the best sources of slowly released glucose,which is the best fuel for providing the energy we live on.

Now again these complex carbs contains fiber and other materials that are digested slowly in our blood stream.They also contain vitamins and minerals that helps our body to burn into carbon dioxide, water and energy.

The problems genererally sets in when people spend most of their working days sitting in their offices and their evenings as couch potatoes,also people who indulge in a lot of refined sugsrs and starchres are likely to develop weight problems which is really a fat problem.resulting in early onset of diabetes and cardiovascular disesase in men  .Women are protected from cardiovascular disease during their reproductive years due to hormones resuling in menstrual ron loss.

Children who lead inactive, television addicted lives while consuming popular, sugar- laden, nutrient poo-r junk food diets often deal wth cardiovascular and weight issues starting at an early age and may end up having severely blocked arteries by the time they become teenagers.

Now again refined sugars and carbs are digested easily and absorbed in our blood stream with uncanny speed raising the blood sugar levels.High blood glucose is a symptom of diabetes. Sugar thus plays a considerable role in causing fatty degeneration and degenerative diseases by contributing to the fat and cholesterol levels in our body and interfering with our immune system functons.

Therefore refined carbs and sugars are actually" nutrient impoverished" and should be avoided as far as possible.



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