Recovery from Rape

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Tue, Mar 15, 2011  
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Rape can be really traumatizing, but it is not the end of the world. Fear, shame, guilt, anger and distress these are the common feelngs associated with rape. These feelings vary from person to person. But they can never leave you.


There is an emotional battle that you have to face to regain your self esteem and self assurance. “But this battle can be won”, says psychologist Dr. Anjali Chabria. She says that rape is a heinous crime, but it need not scar you for the rest of your life.  Always remember that you are not to be blamed. Rape can happen to any one at any point of time and the rapist can also be some one who is extremely close to you. Accepting this hard reality of life is the first step towards healing.


Coping with the trauma of rape can be really difficult. It may take a long time, but do not stop your self from rebuilding your life. You deserve to live your life that is filled with love, hope and light. Forget about the past and go ahead.


Here are some healing cues-


Stop blaming your self. Always remember that it wasn’t your fault. The blame for rape lies solely with the rapist. Some times a rapist may try to make you feel guilty by saying that you tried to arouse him, you asked for it, you wanted it. But do not allow the abuser to control your life. Do not allow him to make you feel that it was your fault. Take charge of your self and your life.


Don’t bother about what others will think. Put all your energy in healing your self. You have to take care of your self first before you take care of anybody else. It is natural the ugly memories of rape will always be there with you, but you should not allow it to affect your every day life. It is over. There is absolutely no requirement to keep reliving it. Don’t allow that ugly experience to overpower your life any more. Think positive and go ahead with your life. Negative thinking will only pull you down and make you feel miserable, but positive thinking will make you move ahead in life.


Try to live your life. Read a book; go for a walk with a friend. Talk to loved ones. Healthy distraction is a useful way of coping with stressful thoughts. Do things that you used to enjoy, even if you think that they are not pleasurable at the moment. Try to distract your self by doing something that you enjoy. Do regular breathing exercises that will calm down your body and mind. Do not stop living your life. Start afresh. 


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